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MOCA Book Club

MOCA Book Club


Welcome to the MOCA Book Club!

Join us in reading and discussing books inspired by our contemporary art exhibitions.  

We are excited to read our first book selection: If I Survive You, by Jonathan Escoffery!

Inspired by themes in our exhibitions Manuel Mathieu: World Discovered Under Other Skies and Dwelling on the Invisible, this collection of linked short stories explores migration and displacement.

Start reading and join us on August 4 at 1 p.m. for our virtual/in-person meeting featuring our special guest, author Jonathan Escoffery!

Register on our website to become a MOCA Book Club member. It’s free.

MOCA Book Club members can purchase the hardcopy or audiobook at a 20% discount through our partners at Books & Books using the code: MOCABC24

You can also check out the book and audiobook at North Miami Public Library or your local library for free. (Subject to availability)

ABOUT THE BOOK: Topper and Sanya flee to Miami in the 1970’s as political violence consumes their native Kingston. But America, as the couple and their two children learn, is far from the promised land. Excluded from society as Black immigrants, the family pushes on through Hurricane Andrew and later the 2008 recession, living in a house so cursed that the pet fish launches itself out of its own tank rather than stay. But even as things fall apart, the family remains motivated, often to its own detriment, by what the younger son, Trelawny, calls “the exquisite, racking compulsion to survive.



You can join our MOCA Book Club anytime, from anywhere in the world, up until the date of our discussion in the first week of August 2024.

Sign up here.

MOCA Book Club members can purchase the book at a 20% discount through our partners at Books & Books.

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