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MOCA Collection: Light Play

April 1, 2024
12:01 pm
MOCA Collection: Light Play


Curated by Adeze Wilford, MOCA North Miami, Light Play explores how artists from MOCA’s permanent collection engage with light as both a medium and source of inspiration. The artists featured in this exhibition range from the historical like Dennis

Oppenheim, to newer additions in the Collection such as Jo Nigoghossian. Drawing inspiration from MOCA’s past exhibitions, including Artificial Light, this showcase delves into the many ways artists have manipulated light, emphasizing both its physical and symbolic dimensions in contemporary art.

Imaj Kredi:
John Espinosa. Standing Still While Moving Across Land, 2004. Mixed media. Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. Gift of Mario Cader-Frech and Robert S. Wennett


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