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Teen Art Force: Our Minds

April 10, 2024
12:00 am
October 6, 2024
12:00 am
Teen Art Force: Our Minds


Our Minds features artwork created and organized by students from MOCA’s Teen Art Force program. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in the program’s two-decade history of nurturing young talent – for the first time, the students are exhibiting their work in the museum. This showcase of their work offers the public a glimpse into the creativity, growth, and achievements they've cultivated through the program.

Curated entirely by the students, the exhibition explores a variety of themes and emotions that are characteristic of teenage experiences, such as societal perception, self-discovery, overwhelming emotions, and experimentation. The works in Our Minds apply various mediums and techniques, ranging from charcoal studies to expressive collage. Works like Articulated Doll and Faded use mixed media exploration, eye motifs, and traditional charcoal techniques to depict the nuances involved in the experience of how one may be viewed or interpreted by others.

The exhibition reflects the diverse range of artistic expression developed by these young artists, highlighting their unique contributions, and drawing on their shared experiences. Our Minds invites viewers on a journey into the adolescent mind, utilizing the power of art to explore their multifaceted world through their lens.

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